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Does it seem like the joyful, fulfilled, and fruitful life evades you?

Do feel stuck, bogged down, even defeated every time you try to fulfill your dreams?

...does the stinging reminder of past failures or personal betrayals keep you stuck?

Maybe, like me, you tried to push past these obstacles only to repeatedly hit another wall?

How long do you want to stay in the cycle of 'stuck'

Introducing HeART Healing Encounter with Jesus


What if you could have a simple, but powerful and fun way to develop a lifestyle of healing so you can be set free to fulfill your Kingdom destiny?

Amazing, right?

This is your fresh, new season totally overflowing with possibility.

Can you sense it?

It's your time to break free of heart wounds keeping you stuck.

It's your time to step into the massive potential God has deposited into you!

HeArt Healing Encounters with Jesus is your gateway into experiencing deep and abiding healing from the powerful truths Jesus declares over you.

In this transformative workshop backed by scripture and the Right Brain Method©, you will acquire skills to begin the deep heart healing lifestyle to get you moving again!

With all of your senses activated through creativity, you will hear Jesus tell you what he wants you to hear.  

HeArt Healing Encounter with Jesus will draw you into a rich, life changing convergence of science, scripture, creativity, and coaching to experience the LOVE, JOY, and PEACE of the Lord. This will lead to the breakthroughs you've been seeking!

This is more than a great 3-hour experience! Beyond the Heart Healing activations, and creativity, the Next Steps segment will help you create a practical plan to grow and prosper in your discoveries.

Now is the time!

Registration is open!

This workshop is only offered a few times per year, so don't miss your time.

We can't wait to see you there

Imagine how you'll feel with your Heart Healed...

only $47

(Introductory Pricing)

You'll receive these Heart-Changing Experiences

Heart Healing

Your heart begins the healing process right at the beginning and continues through our entire time together. Intimacy with Jesus brings truth and healing for a lifetime of joy.

Listening Prayer

Using the Right Brain Method© you'll encounter the Lord through your divinely inspired imagination as we meditate on scripture. Jesus will reveal truths your heart needs to experience to be made whole.

Art Expression

As Jesus speaks to your heart, you'll begin to express it on canvas using recommended art mediums. If you've never painted, no worries. This is a time of emotional expression connected to Jesus. You may even create your first 'Prophetic Painting!'

Next Steps

Turn your personal encounter experience into actionable steps to make your heart changes permanent. This ensures you don't miss the opportunity to apply every discovery you made.

Recent HeArt Healing Encounters with Jesus...

Wow! I have always struggled with insecurity and feelings of unworthiness, so Jesus spoke to me about these lies I believed. When I asked Jesus to pour the living water all over me, I just saw me with my head thrown back, and my hands lifted to Him. When I asked Him what it looked like to worship Him in spirit and in truth, He said, “Give yourself to Me unashamedly.” When I asked Jesus how to express this on canvas, this is what I saw.

Karen C.


His living water flowed through me and reached deeply to a darkened buried space. Jesus said, "Yes, even this, my living water pours over and through you to bring you healing and fullness of life. You are no longer the unworthy, unforgivable, or unaccepted. You are worthy through the covering of my blood and my living waters are endless and forever. My wrap around presence illuminates every darkness you deem unacceptable so that you may always be refreshed, renewed and restored into wholeness of life through my spirit living in you. I am He that loves you completely. You are worthy and valued as my beloved daughter." In the days up until sharing this, the Lord has led me deeper and deeper. It was difficult to condense. Thank you Claudia for leading me through this amazing experience! Such amazing grace! For now I am resting in the letting go as He has vanished the darkness and am leaning into His truths. Like the woman at the well, I too have left my empty jug at the well. Instead, with fullness of soul I go forward in worship and praise!,

Suzi D.


Watch this Testimony from JoDitt Williams

My first Prophetic painting, and what a journey it has been. I am still processing. The painting began in inky darkness, I painted the canvas black. Then as Jesus shined His marvelous light —the colors began and….colors splashed all around. “It looked like a MESS," then Jesus told me, "I needed to see what he saw. I needed to look through his eyes and get his perspective. He told me he had filled my love bucket with his living water and I was ready to go and give it out. He told me to stir up the Holy Spirit’s power within and get busy." He said, "keep your eyes on me and keep looking through my eyes. Share with others the water that I have given you."

Diane S.


My self portrait of Victory, I can not stay in the battle unless I am focused on Jesus. I feel I agree with a lie when I'm busy and I don't recognize the source in my mind. The lies are written on the right are being silenced by His presence. When truth is revealed to me I have to declare it out loud to strengthen my spirit and take authority over the lie. Some of the truth is written in gold on the right. At first I had covered it with paint, then I decided to have it stand out for me to remember when I glance at the painting. I will be adding to this throughout the months. For me, worship and surrender is the key. In the beginning it was just abstract. Thanks for leading in this activity Claudia. I really liked the idea of writing the words we hear on canvas. Jesus , Jesus, You make the darkness tremble. Jesus, Jesus You silence fear.

Lisa C.